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adult content creators onlyfans onlyfans 10x onlyfans course onlyfans creator robbie oz Apr 04, 2021
I was a wedding photographer. My business J’adore weddings was thriving. I worked in the office during the week and I spent weekends documenting one of the most important days of people’s lives. I absolutely loved it! And this is what paid my bills!
In February 2020, I decided to expand and step into another arena that I am super passionate about - intimacy - in and out of the bedroom. To comply with PG content we will leave at that. Hehe. 
I started a project called $exual Mastery. I spent hundreds of hours researching everything about intimacy & relating. I wanted to know for myself. To be a better lover, a better partner. I took the information and then went and tried it.
Over the years, I really learned what works and what does not. It was just natural for me to do it. I was obsessed. But talking to my mates, I realised that I have knowledge and insights that many of them are missing. They had the desire to know but struggled to go through the amount of information out there and find what works. I was through that process. I knew how long it takes to learn. So I thought - why not create a course that will gather all of the best tips and tricks I know?
I loved the idea that I will be talking about something I am really passionate about, that I can take it online and create a new way of earning passive income. What an incredible opportunity!
I started a Youtube channel and managed to get over 20 million views within a couple of months. I celebrated a huge success on P*rnhub too! There is a lot of content showing people doing all sorts of things. But surprisingly, not that many are educating people openly on how to be better in bed. Our education around intimacy is incredibly limited and clouded by shame. People loved simple things like 10 Best $ex Positions Video - it went viral!
And just as I was starting - Covid happened!
My wedding business collapsed overnight. The restrictions placed on weddings meant that barely any photographers were needed. I lost my usual source of income and what I thought of as a side hustle suddenly became the opportunity to work from home and get money coming in regardless of what is happening in the world.
And it was that time that I started my Only Fans account. 
What is Only Fans?
Only Fans is a platform that allows you to create subscription-based fan page. There are no limits on what content you can post on your profile so as other platforms strengthened their rules about Xrated content, Only Fans became popular among adult content creators.
It is more than that though. Only Fans is a place to gather your fans and provide them with access to your content whilst they pay you monthly subscription. You can find here pop stars, models, fitness instructors or chefs - all simply sharing who they are whilst earning money working from home. 
The reality is that millions of people have lost their jobs & their businesses in the last year. The ongoing threat of the lockdown and other business limitations has made it incredibly difficult to establish any sense of security for a lot of people. Especially if we talk about money. 
So if there is any time to consider joining ONLY FANS  - it is NOW!!!
I didn't even realise how profoundly Only Fans will impact my life. Within a year, I went from $400 in a first month to 5 figure months. I grew this business, this side hustle, whilst the world was going crazy. I have had money coming to my account at times when people struggled to make the ends meet. I am living my dream lifestyle - on my terms, from the comfort of my home.
But it is not even all about the money - this is my ultimate reality in being able to just create content about something that I love. And this is available to everyone. Whatever is your niche, you can find your audience. We all have our kinks and unique desires. I am pretty sure that you are not the only person in the world that loves to do what you do. So why not to create an account and earn money creating content about what you are passionate about?
To me, Only Fans is the place to document my life, build my confidence and make my desires come through. I claim what I want, find the people to do it with, then create content about it. Life is too short to waste it. This is my way to make my dreams come through whilst I connect to like minded people.
What would YOU like to create? What do you want to talk about? What would it look like if you turned it into a monthly-subscription based format?
10x your lifestyle & your income!
I can’t even stress enough how big of an opportunity this is right NOW!
These times are not easy but that is only one more reason why to look into ways how to make money online and how to create some type of passive income. Whatever you do, take it and use Only Fans as a place to gather your fans whilst they pay you money to have access to your content. 
Most people are posting on the internet anyway so why not to take it to the next level and get paid for it! It will only motivate you to step up your game and become even better at what you do! Plus for anyone talking about sexuality and relating, the amount of platforms that allow xrated type of content is almost down to zero. Having a subscription site as Only Fans allows you to deliver any type of content and really bring your medicine to as many people as possible. 
This is your opportunity to stop waiting for someone else to fix your money situation and give you the permission to live the life you want and rather take responsibility for your financial situation and go for it.
Imagine that within a year you can build up your page from nothing to even just 1000 followers. Each paying you a minimum of $4.99 USD for their subscription. Only Fans take 20% but that means that you are still getting $4000 into your bank account each month. And subscription is only one of the ways you earn money on OF!
Would $4000 a month make a difference to your life?
Now that is a really small example of what is actually possible! I have definitely been able to earn more of that! And I have seen many other creators do the same!
When I decide that I want something, I go full in. I research everything I can, take the information and run with it. That is why I succeed. That is why I became one of the 0.3% of Only Fans creators within a year.
After going through the journey, I saw the opportunity of sharing the information with you so that all of us can succeed! This is your ultimate ticket to become the Only Fans Pro right from the start! 
Yes this is another stream of income for me, no doubt! But this is also an incredible opportunity to learn the best tools from the start - because there are certainly ways to make the Only Fans journey more fun, more effective and more successful. I have learned along the way because there was no concise course to provide me with the information. 
So if you are serious about your OF and you want my support, seriously consider this course! No drama if you don’t resonate! We might still end up creating content together at some stage :)
But if you do, hell yes!
Come along! And we will get on the journey together! Lets 10x your lifestyle and your income as fast as we can!
I am looking forward to meeting you soon!
Rob Bampton
P.S. If you don’t have your account yet, don’t start one until you join the course. I have extra tips for you!




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